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I am a fairly new mom, a working mom, trying-to-be-a-fit mom, a television news anchor, and a new homeowner. Here are my adventures!


Best hiking trails for kids

The pandemic has made me think outside the box for ways of keeping my toddler entertained. Before COVID, we'd spend our time at the...

Why I asked my grandmother for her recipes

I remember waking up at my grandmother's house. I could hear the huevo con chorizo crackling in the pan. The amazing smell of Mexican...

What I learned about having a broken foot

Breaking your foot can feel like the end of the world. It all happened during the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic. I put off going to the...

Coping with Tragedy

It was my son's 2nd birthday. We were staying at a historic, beautiful hotel in the Santa Fe Plaza area. We woke up to balloons and a...

Mi Casita: A piece of the American Dream

I come from humble beginnings and even more humble roots. My abuelita was a single mom. She raised her children in one of the poorest zip...

Losing my baby weight

I moved back to El Paso, my hometown, when my son was five months. He is now 23-months-old. I had a plan. I was going to lose 30 pounds,...


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