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Losing my baby weight

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I moved back to El Paso, my hometown, when my son was five months. He is now 23-months-old.

I had a plan. I was going to lose 30 pounds, buy a house, and be the best mom ever. Dream big!

Let's first talk about weight.

I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I was out in San Antonio working overnight shifts during the week.

I ate, and I ate a lot.

Our station had a breakroom on the second floor and you better believe I made multiple trips upstairs, by elevator nonetheless, to the vending machine.

Oreos, Cheetos, Snickers. Nothing could consume my hunger! This little boy was really hungry, or so I told myself.

I'd be snacking away amid police scanner chatter at 3, 4, 5, 6am.

But it doesn't end there.

After all those snacks, I needed a real meal. So, I would waddle to my car about 9am, and drive to Whataburger where I would order a Whataburger with cheese, and fries.

I got so big my shoes did not fit. My cute, fashionable wedges were traded in for tennis shoes, the shoelaces stretching out around my cankles. I was a journalist making my way through San Antonio in the middle of a humid, sticky hot summer.

I gained about 55 pounds. Then I had my son.

He came in as an emergency C-section.

It was really painful.

After he was born, I could barley sit up in bed, forget sit-ups or working out. But after I healed a bit, and stopped wearing disposable underwear (moms you know what I'm talking about), I transformed one room in my San Antonio home rental into a gym. I bought a a bar and weight set I had purchased online for $55. Walmart starter kit!

Well, my awesome home gym was used less than a handful of times. You don't really want to work out with a crying newborn in the next room, not to mention you're sleep-deprived and on a high-fat microwavable diet.

It was not until my son turned ONE that he finally slept and I felt more...normal.

My first step was gaining a grasp on my eating. In my opinon, it is a mental game.

I downloaded a calorie-counting fit app and joined a Spin class.

I highly recommend both. These TWO things were vital in losing weight.

Here's why.

In these apps, you place your goal weight, mine was to lose 30 pounds. You document every meal you eat. The app tells you how many calories you need to stay under to reach your target weight.

You start educating yourself and education truly is power! A scrambled egg is 200 calories, chicken salad is 500, etc.

You really start becoming aware of how many calories everything has, making *you* make smarter choices.

Here's the fun part:

The app that I had would also track your workout and let you EAT the calories you burn! Yes!! Burn 200 calories, gain 200 more calories for that day.

Once you get your eating down, I highly suggest joining a group workout. I really also recommend SPIN!

You build up endurance, go at your speed, and burn tons of calories.

My instructor was full of energy and positive vibes, so it was a great way to kickstart the day. She'd also play great music, if you focus on the beat you stop focusing on the burn.

Those two things were key in losing weight for me. I have now lost 35 pounds.

My biggest revelation about this whole experience is do not rush yourself. I wanted to get out there a run a 5k weeks after my C-section. That is just not possible. Just take it nice and slow and steady.

You can do this.

If you need some support or want some more tips contact me!

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