• Natassia Paloma

Mi Casita: A piece of the American Dream

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I come from humble beginnings and even more humble roots.

My abuelita was a single mom. She raised her children in one of the poorest zip codes in the country.

When I was born, my tia, my mom and grandma saved all the money they could to buy us a home that my cousin and I could grow up in. We didn't have any furniture. My mom tells me the living room was bare. The plumbing didn't work so well, but they managed and raised us in the most cozy home I can remember. When I had my son, I wanted to do the same. I saved up as much as I could. I started buying my work dresses used. I saved every penny. I casually started seeing houses, not taking it seriously. I only dreamt of pulling up to the driveway every night after work, thinking of my little Nathan riding his bike down every street of every home that I daydreamed about. I finally got the courage to call one realtor and told her my situation. First step, she told me, was to get pre-qualified. I remember stepping into the mortgage lender's office a bit nervous, intimated and wondering if I was crazy. Could I really make this big step? Again, embarrassed, I explained my situation to the loan officer, telling her I didn't know why I was there, I didn't know if I could even really do this on my own. Yes, I cried.

I was afraid of learning that my dream was too far-fetched. She typed away for what seemed like forever, then she smiled. I qualified! I qualified to buy my own home. I could be in my own home with my little boy by Christmas, she said. Yes, I cried again. So now, as I'm typing this blog, I'm laying down in my son's room. He's asleep, napping beside me. As a mother, to be able to provide a room, a home for your own babies, that's a big deal. My house isn't the fanciest, it has its kinks. It needs love, paint, and a little bit of fixing - but it's all mine. Okay, so the moral of the story is you don't know unless you TRY. There are programs out there that help you with down payment, and first-time homeowner programs. Again, just try. If you need any tips on buying your own home, contact me!

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